YUTTARI Yanagawa Ticket Pack
(One-Day Journey)

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A canal punt tour, hot spring, a stroll, and more — a one-day trip to Yanagawa, an old castle town rich in beautiful scenery and atmosphere. Enjoy a easy going punt ride in the canals. In spring and summer, flowers such as plum and cherry blossoms, irises, and hydrangeas are in bloom. In winter, "Kotatsu (a foot warmer with a quilt over it)” punts used to keep you warm during the tour. Yanagawa offers you a pleasure for each season.

The Ticket Pack includes:

  • ・A Nishitetsu train round-trip discount ticket (starting station ↔ Yanagawa Station)
  • ・A canal punt tour discount ticket, Yanagawa Kanko Kaihatsu boarding - Okinohata (final destination)
  • ・A Kampo-no-yado Yanagawa hot spring bath ticket

Stations Where Ticket Packs are Sold, and Prices

Station Adult Child
Fukuoka (Tenjin) ¥3,170 ¥1,640
Yakuin ¥3,170 ¥1,640
Ohashi ¥3,090 ¥1,580
Kasugabaru ¥2,990 ¥1,540
Shimoori ¥2,990 ¥1,540
Futsukaichi ¥2,890 ¥1,500
Asakura Gaido ¥2,810 ¥1,440
Chikushi ¥2,810 ¥1,440
Mikunigaoka ¥2,710 ¥1,400
Ogori ¥2,630 ¥1,360
Miyanojin ¥2,550 ¥1,320
Kurume ¥2,450 ¥1,260
Hanabatake ¥2,450 ¥1,260
Daizenji ¥2,370 ¥1,220
Yanagawa - -
Shinsakae-machi ¥2,370 ¥1,220
Omuta ¥2,370 ¥1,220

Important Notes:

  • [Period of Validity] One month including the date of purchase
  • [Validity after initial use] Two days including the first day of use
  • [Stopovers] Not permitted.

For dining at Kampo-no-Yado, the following discounts are offered.

  • * To receive the meal discount at Kampo-no-yado, show present the YUTTARI Yanagawa Ticket Pack at the front desk.
  • * For dining at Kampo-no-yado, recommend to make a reservation at the hotel front desk before taking a hot spring bath to save time.
  • * Kampo-no-yado, TEL:0944-72-6295

Other discounts:

  • * Show your ticket to receive a discount.
  • Ohana admission: Adult ¥500→ ¥450 High school ¥30 off Under junior high ¥20 off
  • Kitahara Hakushu Birthplace admission: ¥50 discount
  • Yanagawa Nishitetsu Taxi fare: ¥50 off
  • Unagi no Seiromushi (Grilled eel steamed on rice): ¥100 off
    * At one of three restaurants; Wakamatsuya, Rokkyu or Fuuki.
  • Ohana (Taigetsukan Restaurant): 10% off on meals. * Except drinks and souvenirs.
  • Ariakezuke Pickle Shop

For inquiries, contact the Nishitetsu Customer Center

Nishitetsu Customer Center
Navi Dial
Japan time: 9:00 to 20:00 (every day of the year)

From a PHS or IP phone, call 092-303-3333.

The Nishitetsu Customer Center accepts inquiries regarding bus and train schedules, fares and operation status, as well as comments and requests, directly over the phone. When you do not know exactly who to contact, we will provide you with an appropriate contact number, so feel free to call us.
* Call the Nishitetsu Customer Center when you have left your belongings on the bus or train, or when you need urgent assistance.
・Navi Dial is a nationwide telephone number where callers pay only local call charges no matter where in Japan their call originates.
・Call charges from cell phones, however, are entirely borne by the callers.
・Calls to Navi Dial cannot be made from some telephones. In these cases, call 092-303-3333.

* On April 1, 2008, various Nishitetsu Telephone Centers were integrated into the Nishitetsu Customer Center to accept calls through Navi Dial.