Enjoy the unlimited 1-Day Travel on Nishitetsu Train and Bus!

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Adult Child
¥2,500 ¥1,250

Usage Guide

  • ●FUKUOKA 1DAY PASS is a “scratch-off” type of card. Please scratch off with a coin the silver-coated surface a number indicating each of the “Month” and “Date” you are using the pass, and show the scratched part to the station or bus attendant. Please do not scratch off more than one number for each of the “Month” and “Date,” or the pass will become invalid. A presentation of student ID is required for junior high and high school students when purchasing a ticket.
  • ●You are allowed unlimited rides on Nishitetsu trains and buses within the valid area only for the day you scratch on the pass.
  • ●You cannot use the automatic ticket gate with this pass, so please go through the manned gate. When boarding a bus, please make sure to take a numbered ticket.
  • ●This pass is only valid for the person who possesses it.
  • ●If you travel beyond the valid area, you will be asked to pay for the normal one-way fare from the first station or bus stop beyond the area to where you get off.
  • ●Unauthorized use of this pass will result in additional fare for trains or a one-way fare for buses by rule.
  • ●Please pay separately a one-way fare when travelling on a midnight bus.

For inquiries, contact the Nishitetsu Customer Center

Nishitetsu Customer Center
Japan time: 6:00 a.m. – midnight (7 days a week)
∗ Calls may not be made to this number from some telephones. Please call 092-303-3333 in such cases.